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Guardianship Attorney

Establishing guardianship is a time consuming, expensive and complicated process. Having a seasoned guardianship attorney at your side helps you through your legal guardianship papers and answers your concerns. Backed with our experience and expertise in legal guardianship for a child, Eggerman Law Firm PS can guide you through the complexities of legal guardianship for a minor or disabled individual. We are well versed in the process of earning legal guardianship. For more information on how we can assist you, please read below, or contact us directly.

In setting up a legal guardianship, we have our client first meet with Mr. Eggerman in order to gather necessary information. From here, we establish your goals and explain the process. We walk you through the legal complexities and answer your questions, making sure that you understand the entire process. Following the initial meeting, we prepare the petition for legal guardianship as well as other guardianship forms (Oath of Guardian and Notice of Guardianship Petition), obtain necessary signatures and open the guardianship with the Court. Also, if indicated, we prepare the necessary legal guardianship document to have a guardian ad litem appointed by the Courts to act on behalf of the incapacitated person.

Once the legal guardianship is opened, we work with our client to obtain signatures on other necessary documents (Declaration of Proposed Guardian and Declaration of Standby Guardian) and file them with the Court. We also assist our client with completing the Personal Care Plan for the incapacitated person.

Finally, Eggerman Law Firm will represent the client at all court hearings and at the final hearing where guardianship is granted. For a more in-depth look at the legal guardianship process, please contact us directly. Our initial consultation in this practice area is probably at no charge. Please give us a call or email us with your questions.

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